How to get dynamic values in ODI Load Plans, scenario (11g/12c)

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Many a times we face client concerns of not hardcoding few things in ODI mapping like Schema names, Destination folder path etc and use dynamic way to approach them.

So the best solution to this, is SUBSTITUTION REF ODI API’s. We can read more about them in ODI user guide. Its getInfo() Method.

Using this API , we can do so much, just to highlight few:

  1. Get run time destination DB schema name , use <%=odiRef.getInfo(“DEST_DEF_SCHEMA”)%>
  2. Get current source connection is: <%=odiRef.getInfo(“SRC_CON_NAME”)%>  
  3. Get the Name of the data server of the source machine : <%=odiRef.getInfo(“SRC_DSERV_NAME”)%>

and much more. Try it and se below for more options:

ODI wesite:

Exploring ODI Graphical Interface – ODI Studio (Lesson 2)

In this blog, you will get insights about the graphical user interface, the ODI studio. So what is ODI Studio??

As per Oracle documentation, Oracle Data Integrator Studio is a developer’s interface for configuring and managing ODI. It is installed as part of standalone or enterprise option under the specified ORACLE_HOME. ODI Studio provides four graphical Navigators for managing ODI artifacts: Designer, Operator, Topology, and Security.

Just a 1 liner overview for above 4 artifacts in layman language would be : Designer is for developers to design mapping, generate code scenarios as per business requirements. Operator is to run those codes and monitor the jobs. Topology is for Admin purpose to connect to Data sources, define context (env) and Security at end is again for admin to define roles and give priveleges or access.

To go into deeper insights we need lot to learn. So lets start with chronological order Asc, ie

Step 1: Topology (Lesson 4)

Step 2: Designer (Lesson 5)

Step3: Operator (Lesson 6)

Step 4: Security (Lesson 7)

Click on above links to study them to get deeper insights.

Click here to go to Lesson 3, ie Learn about ODI component AGENTS.

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Beginner Tutorial for ODI 11g and 12c- Lesson 1

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So we are back with new lessons for beginners to learn ODI. They are free to study and grasp the knowledge. Do share your feedback in comments below.

So coming to ODI…Now a days its a niche skill and best optimised Oracle supported tool for ELT process. I hope my friends who are reading further , understand the difference between ETL and ELT tools. Its not only the full form that differs, but the full architecture of the data integration project changes.Proceeding further, refresh your basics upon ETL vs ELT tools by clicking here.

What is ODI ?

As per the Oracle documentation available online, ODI provides a fully unified solution for building, deploying, and managing complex data warehouses or as part of data-centric architectures in a SOA (Service oriented) or business intelligence environment. In addition, it combines all the elements of data integration—data movement, data synchronization, data quality, data management, and data services—to ensure that information is timely, accurate, and consistent across complex systems.

So basically, ODI features an active integration platform that includes all styles of data integration: data-based, event-based and service-based. ODI unifies silos of integration by transforming large volumes of data efficiently, processing events in real time through its advanced Changed Data Capture (CDC) capability. It also provides robust data integrity control features, assuring the consistency and correctness of data. With powerful core differentiators – heterogeneous E-LT, Declarative Design and Knowledge Modules – Oracle Data Integrator meets the performance, flexibility, productivity, modularity and hot-pluggability requirements of an integration platform.

To learn ODI graphical interface, please click here.

ODI Architecture

We have many images available online for ODI, so posting here will not make any new diffference. We as beginner need to understand that ODI Arch have 4 main components:

  1. Repository : ODI has  2 type of repositories, Master repository and the Work repository. ODI is metadata driven model where everything is stored in these 2 mentioned repositories. The Master repository contains information about security Navigator (users, profiles, etc), topology (data connections, contexts, physical/logical schemas), and ODI versions. Each Master repository can be linked to one or more Work repositories. but each work repository must be and can be linked to only 1 master Repo. Work repositories is basically for developer to code. It can be of 2 different types: development & execution. In a Development Work repository you’ll find all of the design objects (mappings, packages, procedures, etc) and datastore metadata. Once Development is over , we move to its Execution phase where Execution Work repository only stores the execution objects, Scenarios and Load Plans, and there is no development capability.
  2. Agents  : Whatever code the developer generates, are retrieved by the run time agents. They connect to Data servers and run the code scenarios in mentioned context. It also retreives the log information along with error code and execution messages.We have two types of agents namely :
    a) Stand alone Agent

    b) Java EE Agent.

    Will describe them in my further tutorials. click here.

  3. ODI studio :As per Oracle documentation, Oracle Data Integrator Studio is a developer’s interface for configuring and managing ODI. It provides four navigators for managing the different aspects and steps of an ODI integration project namely below. Click here to read more on ODI Studio
    1. Designer
    2. Operator
    3. Topology
    4. security
  4. JEE Components: ODI has many JEE components to handle servers, security , administration, monitoring etc. Below mentioned are few JEE components deployed along with ODI server:
    a) Enterprise manager
    ‰‰b) ODI console

Click here to go to Lesson 2 of learning ODI 🙂


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ETL vs ELT tool : Basic understanding

Hi Friends, so am back with a very generic topic , but having a lot of information in store for you.

For last many decades, the petabytes and much more data is collected and processed for Data Analytics. This helps in business growth, as the raw data collected is now available in meaningful form.

For this above requirement, we had ETL tools in market since year 2000, and companies have adopted the technology handedly, but then a new change appear which looked like ELT. Nothin gmuch of a difference. Just a switch of ‘T’ and ‘L’. Doesnt it??

The answer is No. ETL (extract, transform, load) has been the old approach for data warehousing, but ELT ie (extract, load , transform) added a new flavor to working modules. Want to know how ? Read further !

First lets understand what these 3 stages of ‘E’, ‘T’, ‘L’ mean for both ETL and ELT:

  • E for Extract:  Pulling the data from Database or data source. It can be same or heterogeneous. It is the raw data which is unstructured  and needs cleansing, enrichment. With ETL, the data goes into a temporary staging data repository. With ELT it goes immediately into a data lake storage system.
  • T for Transform: Structuring,and converting the raw data as per the business requirements and architecture.Its same for both ETL and ELT.
  • L for Load: Loading the transformed and structure data into a data warehouse or data mart etc. This switch happens to make lot of difference.

So for understanding the importance of ‘L for Load‘,

a) we need to analyze the difference between loading the data ‘before or after’ the transformation step

If our system uses the typical OLAP data warehouses, which can only handle SQL based structures, and cannot handle Unstructured Data (mentioned in point B below), then we need to do the transformation first and then load the structured data, in the relational table format. But if we consider the Data lakes (Big data, hadoop), which can handle the unstructured data, we do the loading directly to Data repository skipping the Staging area step. This saves lot of space concerns and is faster.

b) we need to understand the ‘type of data’ available in market now a days and how technology is evolving.

Type of data refers to one of the 5V’s we generally talk about in today’s technology market consisting of Big Data, Hadoop, Data lake and much more. 5V’s are:

  1. Volume: the volume of (raw) data
  2. Variety: the variety (e.g. structured, unstructured, semi-structured) of data
  3. Velocity: the speed of data processing, consummation or analytics of data
  4. Veracity: the level of trust in the data
  5. (Value): the value behind the data

So the old legacy systems which needs to be handled in a process, uses ETL tools, that help them maintain the integrity of data. But if you seem to talk about volume of data in today’s world, data is increasing at unknown pace every minute. It can be in any form, structured (relational), unstructured (containing text and multimedia contents, videos etc) and much more, so to handle this we need new flexible ways is ELT tools, which help us to load this data into data lakes for further analysis and processing.

c) We need to understand the ‘benefits and cons’ of ETL vs ELT wrt to various modes like:

i) Load time : ETL take more time, ass it loads first in staging area , then transformation happens and then to Target system so extra time to load data. whereas in ELT, everything is loaded into one target system and then transformation whichever required happens so load only once mechanism, so its faster.

ii) Time – Transformation :In ETL, transformation time is more, as data grows every time. so especially for big data chunks, transformation time increases. In ELT, everything is already present in target system, so speed is not dependent on data size.

iii) Usability: This feature can be thought in many ways. Like for data size, if smaller legacy data, ETL is best, whereas if massive amount of data, ELT is best. If agile technology, with flexibility the project follows then ELT is best, and not ETL.If full data is required for audit and retaining process , ELT is best. From maintenance perspective, ELT is better as it supports Cloud based tools, so less maintenance is required, wheres ETL is legacy and requires high maintenance, as and when new data arrives.

iv) Cost Effective: ETL is not so much cost-effective as every time, data size grows, the same process needs to be repeated. Plus is not scalable also. Hence its good for smaller data companies . whereas ELT  is Scalable and available to all project sizes using On-Prem or cloud Solutions.

v) Speed Analysis: Transforms only the data you need: In ETL, we need to transform the data loaded in Staging area and then load to Target system. If any extra calculation needs to be done, it has to be processed as Append column or modify existing, so more analysis time required. Whereas in ELT , all data is available in one place. You transform only the data required for a particular analysis. Secondly, if any process or calculation changes later in ETL, then whole ETL pipeline needs to be modified and process re runs. In ELT, we just need to modify the calculation logic and done.

vii) Data Compliance and Security: Often companies regulated by GDPR or other Security bonds, need to  mask or encrypt specific data fields of production data to protect the privacy of their clients. Since in ELT, we load full data in start, and retain it, its less secure wrt to ETL, where, we load data in Staging and then transform it before sending further to Target. So compliance issues are less to happen in ETL wrt to ELT.

So my final verdict is ETL tools are outdated and used only for projects with limited amount  of structured data in more security and fixed timeline environment projects. For today’s time, we need to be agile, flexible & quirky to handle any type and amount of data, so use latest ELT tools, which give in handy information in a way required.

Stay tuned for more tutorials !!


Click here for Beginner tutorial for ODI 11g & 12c





Blue Nectar Amritanadi Green Tea Review

Beautifully flavored, fine green tea leaves produced through 100% natural means to make it full of anti-oxidants. Savory quality, sweet start with mineral flint and fruit notes. Blue Nectar Amritanadi green tea is a naturally grown long leaf organic Assam green tea with a fruity flavour and delicate, yet complex character. Our loose green tea blends are made from naturally grown tea leaves from small-scale organic tea estates in the world-famous Indian tea region of Assam and the rest of north east India. We use only organic methods to grow our tea and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. Our tea leaves are then hand-processed to create a high-quality loose leaf organic green tea that our customers can truly enjoy.

What Makes Green Tea Leaves Green?

What makes green tea different is that it is the least processed tea, and therefore, it contains more antioxidants than black or oolong tea. Heat is applied to the freshly picked green tea leaves before the leaves have had a chance to turn brown, preventing them from undergoing the oxidation (fermentation) process that occurs with black teas, and allowing them to retain their natural green colour, since the chlorophyll remains in the leaves.

Product Description

AMRITANADI tea has GREEN TE LEAVES and NOT Tea dust: Most of Tea available in market has tea bags that are filled with tea dust (lowest quality of tea). Amritanadi Green tea leaves are full and complete that makes them of highest grade from Assam tea gardens.

Refreshing cup of Assam Mogra Tea has hedonistic Himalyan Rose Aroma and taste that makes consumption enjoyable and gives the feeling of connectedness – AMRITANADI. Enjoy cup of Amritanadi green tea in morning & evening to burn fat, relief from stress or simply because you want to drink green tea! Whatever be the reason or ocassion, AMRITANADI green tea only adds to pleasure and experience.

Green tea is next best to water. Brewed, unsweetened Green Tea being 99% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake. It helps to give your skin a healthy glow. Additionally, it helps to tackle all types of stress, helps to feel relaxed, boost stamina, improve digestion and metabolism & strengthens the immune system. Green tea is also rich in antioxidant activity and helps in cold and cough, supports healthy ageing and helps to uplift mood.

How to Prepare

To prepare best cup of green tea, add pinch of Green tea (2 gm) in cup. Top with hot boiling water and cover the cup for 1-2 min for tea to brew. No need to strain green tea leaves and your natural, refreshing cup of Green tea is ready to take you in different plain.

Heart health : Consumption of Green Tea as a part of a healthy lifestyle may help maintain a healthy heart as it is thought to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. Soothing aroma of a warm cup of green tea may help you relax.


The Health Benefits of Organic Assam Green Tea

You may wonder why there’s so much fuss about green tea leaf. What is loose leaf green tea good for, anyway? The truth is that aside from its uniquely pleasing flavour, a number of other beneficial effects of green leaf tea have been recognised for centuries. Here are several:

  • Powerful HGCG antioxidant action
  • Cholesterol-lowering capability
  • Anti-cancer activity
  • Blood-pressure stabilising effect
  • Immune-system boosting capacity
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Weight-loss inducing ability
  • Breath freshening effect
  • Vitamin and trace-mineral content
  • Antiseptic and skin-soothing properties

These green tea benefits add up to a host of powerful reasons for making the pleasing flavour and enticing aroma of this good organic loose leaf green tea a part of your daily diet.

Maternity Needs..Lesson1….Nursing Bra !!

Maternity is an interesting phase, where a women needs extra care and warmth to be transitioned to it.Becoming a mother is not only giving birth to a child but also new birth for themselves.Being a first time mom, is more of a stress phase, as you will learn many new things and experience lot of changes.  Most essential is to be prepared well for nursing the kid perfectly. In my today’s blog, will share few tips to find best Nursing products including Bra.

The first and foremost thing about Breastfeeding is, its the most essential and best food for newborn. To support good lactation we need to keep ourselves healthy which involve using fitted Nursing Bra for your breast to give them comfort. While breastfeeding your baby, it’s essential and foremost to wear the best nursing bra possible to ease the  painfully engorged and support you over the night feedings.

In today’s blog post we are going to look at a special type of maternity bras made specifically for the nursing mother. So here i am with review of a maternity brand product which i used while nursing.

So many of you said how much you loved having a few nice nursing bras in your arsenal to make you feel more like yourself. I’m sure after days of wearing pajamas and sweats, getting dressed in normal clothes can feel like a huge accomplishment. Having the right base layer is essential! ThirdLove’s nursing bras fall into that category!

This pack of sturdy nursing bras with included band extenders and converter clips are made of breathable materials (90% nylon and 10% spandex) and is free of underwires for extra comfort. It can work for women with busts between 32B and 42DD and both the sizes and the colors are completely customizable. For those mamas who were busty pre-pregnancy, finding a comfortable nursing bra once the baby is here can be a nightmare. This seamless nursing bra is, hands down, one of the best nursing bras for large breasts.


  • Supportive and comfortable, no matter your cup size
  • Long-lasting, as they also come with replacement clips and accessories


  • Thin straps might cause some discomfort
  • The padded cups might be visible under clothing, depending on what you’re wearing

Bottom Line: A comfortable and cost-effective bra; maybe the best nursing bra for everyday use.

Generate DDL script for all tables of a schema in SQL Developer

Hello Friends,

I am back after a long vacay !! and thought to add some pointers to my blog. I have searched a lot about this topic and found least information. So here is step by step process to Generate DDL scripts for all tables in a schema in SQL developer, without much work.

If you want only DDL scripts together in 1 view, you can use below query to run in SQL developer schema, where you want output:


Next way to get separate DDL scripts is to :

  2. New pop up window appear
  3. i1Click on Generate button
  4. New pop window appears
  5. Now click on “Generate DDL scripts in Separate Files”, on screen at bottom right.i2
  6. Now go to tab “Include TABLE DDL scripts
  7. Select table you want to have DDL scripts
  8. click ok. It will ask for location, where to store. Just set all this and you are good to go.


Happy Working 🙂





Tribecca 24pcs Makeup Brush Set, 24 Professional Makeup Brushes Kit Black Wooden Handle With Leather Pouch Review

Styling and makeup is in my soul since birth. I love to shop products related to my face and makeup and this time i held my eyes on  “Tribecca 24pcs makeup brush set wooden handle”. Every Person needs different type of brushes wrt to their face-cut and complexion. Now a days we have brushes for eyes and eyelashes. Daily the trends keep changing and professionals launch some new set of tools.

The product i bought has 24pcs of makeup brushes including include eye brushes,face ,eyebrow tools and lip tools. It is of Professional Quality. From Blush Brushes To Contouring Brushes, You Will Find All You Need In This Diverse Set.

The bristles are super soft and made of synthetic fiber and not Animal fiber so its cruelty free.  They dont penetrate or irritate your skin. They brush bristles stay intact and don’t fall out during the makeup process. These brushes are so diverse that they can be used for Cream, Liquid, Or Powder makeup. They work in a amazing manner and evenly distribute the product over your face.

About Brand : Its created by Professional Makeup Artists. They created the best applicators so that even if you are not a professional, with these brushes you will always look like one. The packaging is designed world class, Roll Up Carrying Case offered with these brushes is ideal to store and protect all brushes . Its an organized and elegant way to carry your Make Up And Cosmetics.


Oblique head is ideal for applying face powder and blusher -Suitable for all form of skins. A professional quality brush set which includes all of the basics you want for day-to-day applications. With proper care, your brushes may also be enjoyed for years.

Specification: Material:nylon+Aluminum+Wood+faux Leather+fiber Brush quantity:24pcs     Brush Color:  brown Brush Head                                                                    Bag color: black Bag size(folded): 23*14*5cm/9.06*5.51*1.97″
Premium Synthetic Hair and Natural Horse Hair makeup brushes set made the Soft and Silky to the touch feeling. Designed and made with a long wooden take care of for comfort and precision when applying makeup.


Types Of Brushes:

1. Large Fan Brush (Used For Cleaning Extra Powder On Face, Make It Natural)
2. Small Fan Brush;
3. Powder Brush (Used For Face Powder)
4. Blusher Brush
5. Shadow Brush
6. Foundation Brush
7. High Light / Nasal Shadow Brush
8. Large Eye Shadow Brush
9. Middle Eye Shadow Brush
10. Large Paste Brush (Helper For Paste & Liquid Use)
11. Middle Paste Brush
12. Small Paste Brush
13. Smoke Brush (Necessary Tool For Smoky Makeup)
14. Blending Brush (Used For Eyes)
15. Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
16. Eyelinr Brush
17. Lip Brush
18. Bevel Eyebrow Brush
19. Concealer Brush
20. Line Brush (Suitable For Lip Liner Eye Liner Lines)
21. Eye Shadow Stick
22. Eyelash Curler
23. Eye Shadow Blending Stick
24. Eyelash Comb


Package Includes:

1 X 24Pcs Makeup Brushes Set
1 X Carry Case


How To Clean These Makeup Brushes?

1. Run The Bristles Of The Brush Under Warm Running Water. Don’T Use Hot Water, As The Heat May Damage The Bristles.
2. Apply A Small Amount Of Gentle Shampoo To The Bristles And Work Into A Light Lather.
3. Rinse The Bristles Thoroughly Under Running Water. You Will Notice That The Water Leaving The Brush Is Tinted From Old Makeup.
4. Continue Rinsing Until No Color Remains On The Brush.
5. Allow The Brush To Air-Dry.

List Price on amazon is Rs.1499, but you get many discounts. Click here to buy.

My Straight looks || Hair straightner Review

Straight Hair are back in Trend now. We spend so much , sitting for hours in the salons for hair styling, but now a days we have so many easy to handle & use tools which gives you Salon like looks right at the comfort of your home. Now a days youhave ceramic plated products to provide better safety in comparison to old Iron rods. Yes i am talking here about Hair straightner. Click here to buy

We have so many Hair straightener brushes in market now. Starting from lowest cost possible like 399rs to 3999 also. One day i bought this brush to gift my friend on birthday. After buying it and giving it to her, she gave me positive feedback and told me that she is very happy to handle her tangy twikled Curly hair using this brush.The packaging is really nice, and pretty essential. It contains the brush itself and an instruction manual.


                                                                                               Pic courtesy: Amazon

Its very fast and simple to use. No messup.Its just like a normal brush but has heating capabilities running on the trunk of those bristles with red, protective, silicone beads.On the outer layer are ordinary plastic bristles. No heat runs through these. I guess they are strategically placed there to protect your hands from touching the heated surface.

Product Quality is good and heavy. Not like cheap material.The brush itself (up to the handle) is approximately 10.5 inches long. The cable is more than 6 feet long, just about enough to allow you to maneuver the hardware comfortably while plugged.The shell adopts a US high temperature engineering plastic material.

The handle has an LED screen panel that helps you identify the temperature of the brush.This particular model claims to heat upto adjustable 450 degree F. It has a easy on off button. It has a 60 minute Auto shut off system to save your product, if left unused.To use it, you select the temperature with the plus and minus buttons and you get a readout on the LCD. I find that, in order to minimize frizziness, it’s best to use the lowest temperature you can get away with.

My experience : I have always used it once in a fortnight and not on daily basis. Always use it on dry hair and not on my wet hair. I comb my hair well before using this, as it can get struck in my twikles. I always try to use it for 5-7 mins and then switch it off. I dont use it regularly for long. also dnt try to press it hard against your scalp. Use it nicely and gently on hair growth. Also, apply a protein conditioner or  hair serum on your hair so as to reduce the heat damage. You have to be cautious to use it for effective results and better experience. Recommended.

Liked it personally as it save a lot of time and money on outside parlour. Easy  to handle and travel friendly. Please click here to buy this miracle. Its a great gifting option too!!



Gravity Spacebar Review

Gravity Spacebar is the new launch in G-town , Sec 29 last month. It is more than a Pub or a restro bar. So to feel you Friday nights and make them light with Gravity free, do visit this place. Here you can experience a different ambience which give a zoom mirror way outs and exquisite seating experience on 1st floor. Its lavishly settled with comfortable seating and environment. 2nd floor is a kind of open terrace with 50% covered area. Its humongous and lot of space to do Space Walk 😛

Sec 29 of Gtown is always known for its new remarkable entries in restaurant chains and this one has been on top since opened. We visited this placed last month with friends and family for Friday celebrations and had a gala time. Service is quick and servers understand what they are serving. Lot of variety in snacks both Veg and non veg gives you flexibility to eat wat you desire. It has a spectacular vibe and ambience with a space-like look and feel. It offers you both family and friends vibes. At 2nd floor you have comfortable Cane chair seating along with few sofa seatings on the side. They have arranged outdoor Jhulla seating also.

We ordered for lot of snacks & mains in veg and non veg. Best was starting refreshments which had unique names. All the drinks were served & very nicely presented. The Best in Mocktail was “Get Lost in Summer” which was a Mango based drink, was perfect for the season as well. In Cocktails best was Whiskey Sour which was having nice flavour and kick to it.


In snacks we had, Pao bhaji fondue, which was really good. Small small pao’s filled with yummy bhaji, blended spices, tasted yumm. Chilli paneer borek was okayish, holding tender paneer but missing flavors, Paalak patta chaat, was crispy and was filled with chaas foam. Could be better if has more chaat flavors like chat masala. Nachos Pizza, was best nachos served with pizza toppings Hanging Garden which was innovative Garlis naans with Dal Makhni foam. Everything was according to theme and flavour.

If you’re wanting to explore and try out something different, you can definitely give it a try. Find it here:

Gravity Spacebar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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