Swanjhane Ke Phool ki Sabji

Hi Friends.

This  is my first blog about food recipe 🙂 So will discuss my fav sabji, ie Swanjane ke phool or you may call it as Drumstick Flower. The Drumstick tree is very well known for its useful qualities like

So  lets start with my recipe to cook Swanjane ki sabji with Hara Choliya (you can also use Green Peas).


1. Swanjane ke phool, 250 gms (clean it well)

2 .Choliya , 100gms

3 . Salt,Masale as per taste( Red chili , Turmeric, Dhaniya, Garam Masala)

4.Ghee   2tbsp

5. Curd – 1/2 cup , milk – 2 tbsp

  1. Drumstick flowers need to be cleaned nicely to remove all stems,black spots etc. This helps to reduce the soarness of sabji.
  2. Wash them properly 3-4 times in water. This again helps to clean it.
  3. Soak these cleaned and washed flowers in water overnight. You can also add pinch of salt to reduce its soarness, like we do it with Karela
  4. Next morning, drain out the water and put these flowers under running water for next 2-3 mins.
  5. Now boil cleaned flowers of swanjana in a clean pot with water till soft (2-3 whistles is fine). Now kepe the pot aside to cool.
  6. Open the Pot.Drain the extra water and squeeze it properly to make it dry.Now you can either cook it or keep it aside to cook later.
  7. Add ghee in  pan & heat it. Add washed Hara choliya (or peas). Add little salt and close the lid for sometime
  8. Meanwhile beat curd with small amount of milk together to make a smooth mixture
  9. Once  choliya gets soft and little crunchy, add masala powders like (salt ,Garam masala, Dhaniya, red chilli, Kali-mirch,Haldi as per taste).
  10. Again stir it well and let it be on low flame for 5 mins
  11. Nicely done, add curd mixture to it. stir is well till curd leaves the water
  12. Once curd and choliya is mixed well and a thick paste can be seen, add the Swnajana squeezed flowers into it and mix it well.
  13. Close the lid and keep it on gas with low flame for next 5 mins.
  14. Now open the lid and your dish is READY to eat 🙂

Prepare it at your home & leave your comments 🙂

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