Mrs. Delhi 2017 @ Radisson Blu, Gurgaon

Beauty with brains is an understatement !!Mrs Delhi-NCR 2017 Pageant, was the grand finale stage for all the married women in Delhi NCR who have a passion for Modelling and style.This year the event was dedicated towards “Breast Cancer“, which is an alarming risk for today’s women. The event was hosted by Glamour Gurgaon, and held at Radisson Blu, Dwarka on 12th february 2017. Glamour Gurgaon Director ,Barkha was the organizer  of tonight’s event and her team was much appreciated for this initiative, by all the judges. This evening respected Jury were Elena Kazan, Divya Seth (Bollywood actor) & Shubhangi (Celebrity Makeup Artist), along with few others.


Barkha quoted in her stage interview , that this event was especially dedicated to increase the awareness for Breast Cancer among women and also to respect,award & acknowledge the fashionista who follow their dreams and passion, which they miss to do while being busy in there family life after marriage, This event helped to inculcate the latest fashion ,fitness and style in today’s women to boost their confidence.

We were invited to view this event and i really loved it here.It was well organized and started on time.The contestants were allocated into 2 groups on basis of age. Group A had contestants  of age under 32, and group B had 32 + (staying in Delhi NCR & married). The final contestants sashayed the ramp with confidence & charm in the First round wearing designer ethnic attires. This round was also the introductory round, where everybody was asked to introduce themselves to the judges and viewers.Second round was Western round, where all the beauties were out on the floor wearing dazzling black dresses & dancing.Round 3 was seen more interesting as the contestants were graced the ramp with designer cocktail dresses.Shweta Rai Goyal was announced as winner of Mrs Delhi-NCR 2017 & Pooj Katyal was announced as winner of Mrs Delhi-NCR 2017 Ravishing Award.


The night was full of passion, music,colors and wonderful people around, who have a healthy lifestyle, besides being married, having kids ,family & a successful career. The event aimed at increasing risk awareness among the women of city/rural areas towards health issues and also to support them with other initiatives.

Looking forward to more such events !! Congratulations to the winners of Mrs Delhi-NCR 2017  & Mrs Delhi-NCR 2017 Ravishing award !!

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