Karate Kitchen ..Now at GK1, Delhi

Karate Kitchen as the name suggest is a place for Hale & Hearty spicy Asian food. There Orange bag packs image says the same.

It is food delivery outlet in GK1, Delhi. They serve traditional Pan Asian Delicacies, few including Thai/Korean/Vietnamese and many more Asian fusions. The food had authentic taste with slight spin on better side, keeping the flavors intense and appealing to our palates. And when it comes to quality as well, there is no compromise, as the food is prepared fresh daily in their kitchen.

Packaging: (5/5) Apart from being a delivery outlet, it’s healthy to the hilt. Food was nicely packed so no leakage though. All the boxes was properly named to mentions it was Veg or non veg. Sauces were nicely packed in cute little circular boxes. All put in a bright orange bag.

Menu: (5/5) They have a lot of veg and non veg options here. Variety & taste is awesome as they cook fresh daily in their kitchen using best ingredients

Food : (4/5)  

We ordered both Veg and Non veg for beautiful Saturday afternoon.


Non Veg


  1. Crystal Dumplings: It had semi-transparent thin covering, and the filling was yummy. Full of veggies properly minced. One portion comprises 4-5 dumplings.
  2. Thai Basil Vegetables is a veggie mix properly done with perfect salt and sauses
  3. Honey chilli Potato
  4. Mushrooms with ginger&green Chilly was another dish we couldn’t stop digging our forks into. We loved the amount of heat the dish involved.
  5. Lotus Stem Crisps
  6. Green Long Beans with water chestnut, carrot and snow peas Salad were just as juicy, spicy & much-needed dash of green to our overly red diets.
  7. Spinach Gome Salad
  8. Thai Green Curry, was lil on sweet side but balanced out the otherwise spicy meal perfectly served along with Rice and Noodles. And we loved that the curry had large chunks of mushroom, baby corn, galangal, broccoli and zucchini.
  9. Steamed Jasmine Rice & Noodles

Non Veg:

 1) Fiery Chicken Dumpling: Nicely Spiced, juicy and full of chicken

2) Prawn Har Gao : Best Prawn dish as it seems to be freshly prepared and served hot with softness inside.

3) Honey Sriracha Chicken

4) Oyster Lime Chicken

5) Steamed Fish with chilli Lime Sause


Desserts: The best part here was the end..Brookie = brownie + cookie .It was served hot and crunchy. A little on the dense side, this chocolaty trinket really provided the perfect end to the spice-laden meal.

Portions: (4/5) They provide good quantity portions, so you don’t have to worry for it. Each item ordered can serve 2.

Presentation: (4/5) : food was nicely presented with all fresh leaves and icings.

Prices:  INR 1300 for two {approx.}

Delivery time: (4/5) Food was delivered on time and especially to mention, it was hot & fresh.

Recommended: I had an amazing time eating so delicious & authentic Asian food on Saturday evening, with energy saving as it was home delivery on time J. Do try there Crystal Dumplings & Brookie.


What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster.

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