Best Moisturizing Summer creams for all day !!

Hello friends…here i am with my another product review for beauty product. Nwo a day you have scorching heat outside. People with oily skin always  have an issue with creams to be used, but even people like me with dry skin also face problem in Summer. Along with dryness, we also have to focus on SPF content in creams.

This time i planned to buy Olay Natural White Rich All-in-one Fairness Day Cream . Heard a lot about it in advertisements and also it has SPF content, so thought to try it and share my experience with you all.

About the product:

As per the content mentioned on the cover, it contains Triple nutrient system to nourish skin with the essential vitamins like B3, Pro-B5 and E  along with SPF 24 PA ++ . This helps: cream1

a) Lightens  skin tone
b) Reduces appearance of dark spots.
c) Protects from harmful UV/   B rays
d) Corrects uneven skin tone.
e) Hydrates the skin all day long               f) optimizing skin texture to feel it like feather soft




My experience on ‘Olay Natural White Rich All-in-one Fairness Day Cream’:

I have a dry face with black dark spots clearly visible near my nose and under eye. This not only makes me uncomfortable but also loses my confidence. So i decided to try this cream.It comes in a round solid tub-kind-of packaging which is spillage proof and didn’t break, so easy and convenient to carry in purses.This cream has a white color and a soft silky texture. I apply this cream daily in morning before leaving for office on my dry skin. It blends with the skin easily with clear texture and no oily or greasy feel.


After 1 month of using this cream i can see noticeable results :

  1. This cream works & makes my skin look healthier day by day. The dark spots near my nose and under the sye are going almost unnoticeable.
  2. Now, after regular use of this cream, along with my facewash, my skin looks more even, brighter and radiant – or you can say flawless.
  3. Also acts like a good moisturizer.
  4. Works as an anti marks cream & gives a healthy looking skin.
  5. Since it contains SPF 24.Tanning on my face has reduced a lot , as my beautician says.
  6. Does not leave any greasiness or oiliness.
  7. Blends easily with skin tone

Few Drawbacks:

  • Its not so good for people with oily skin.
  • This cream has no effects on wrinkles. SO you can go for other OLAY products.
  • Sometimes if your skin is too pat-dry, this cream leaves a white cast.


My Recommendation: Its good for people with-normal dry skin -fight dark spot issues -require moisturiser -need skin tone to be more white. It’s not highly recommended for people with oily skin.This product really worked for me.

Price of ‘Olay Natural White Rich All-in-one Fairness Day Cream’- INR 332 for 50g.  (ebay). You can refer to amazon also.


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