Best Deodorants for girls|My Summer collection

Smelling good all day long is the main motto during summers. In summers, the body odour increases due to more sweating. Bacteria and germs grow rapidly making our body smell stinky. Ewww…this leads to losing my confidence and socializing with people.
so i prefer using deo/perfume sprays that long last . Also i prefer using lifebuoy soap in summers to remove the bacteria and germs.
About the deodorants i use:
I generally keep on changing my deo in days. Never use same deo for more than a month. Your body gets accustomed to it. My fav deo’s  are
My experience with all of the 3 above have been superb. What basically we require from a deo is to make us smell good. hide our bad odour and help stop us from sweating. This is all what i get from these 3. I keep on interchanging them within days. All 3 have a attractive smell, just like perfumes and you will love it !!
My way to apply a deodrant before leaving from home is :
a) Always shake the bottle well before spraying.
b) Don’t spray deodorants directly on your armpits. Spray in good quantity after dressing if you sweat a lot.

Although deodorants offer 24 hours protection, but in reality its not. So follow my tips below to smell good all day long:

a) Shower twice a day to kill bacteria (generally not hot water). Germs and bacteria can increase body odour.
b) Light clothes such as cotton stuff is ideal for summers. Air passes through skin and prevents the formation of body odour.
c)Always wax your underarms in on proper intervals.Hair can increase the growth of bacteria and germs. Keep it clean to avoid the formation of perspiration.
d) Spray deodorant on your neck and wrist too.
So smell good and feel good all this summer !!
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