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Lohri farzified @ cyber hub,Farzi Cafe !!

Lohri is one of the most commonly celebrated festival in India and way of spreading joy.India being known for its diverse culture & traditions, here no celebration is complete without good food & dance 😊

This year we planned to celebrate lohri festival with family & friends at Farzi Café (cyber hub) who especially launched lohri menu for people to come and enjoy. To start with they have even scripted the menu card with lohri pics. Lohri is incomplete without bhangra dance on beats of dhol & relish scrumptious meals like we had here today.  So here is a short review about the same.We kicked off our day with delicious dishes like :

Bhuttia aur palak ke tinke

Presentation of the dish is an imp part which makes it more appealing. This worked out best for this dish as you can see in pics. It was curated well in form of lohri sticks. Skewers of sweet corn & spinach rolled on bamboo sticks. Prepared fresh make it feel smooth and soft when in mouth. Plated well with aloo chips that symbolized fire. Sauce was sprinkled well on sticks to symbolize flames and went well with the taste. It was prepared from bell peppers. Dish was amazingly delicious and mouth watering. We repeated the order.


Matka chholley with Lucchi puff

This was next dish served,& increased our hunger more as this is what Punjabi’s crave for. Pindi cholle with maida puri famous as Luchi. Cholle were well prepared with perfect blend of spices. Luchi on other hand was not at all oily adding to the beauty of festival food. Served with chilli pickle and potato fried worked as sidings. Loved this dish as it was toooo delicious.

Bathua Sarso da saag, Makai | Mooli Pide

Again Punjabi’s have to eat this traditional dish of ours to complete the Lohri rituals. Sarso da saag with makki roti is a combination of regional leafy greens cooked with ghee, jaggery & chickpeas flour. Presented in form of a ship, garnished with butter, gurr & raddish. It was a must try dish which can only be enjoyed eating with hand.

Rewari Gajjak Peanut Butter icecrea, caramel popcorns

Sweets are integral part of our punjabi’s festival. Here we had Peanut butter icecream ,which was crunchy from inside served chilled with caramel popcorns and rewari gajjak sidings. Neither too sweet neither less. Perfect blend to end your day with amazing after taste.

It was a great lohri celebration and will look forward to visit this place again!!

Mr. Mamagoto..Come lets play with Food !

Mamagoto, in literal meaning is an interactive, context aware Japanese dining system which encourage kids to ‘play’ with their food to sense its texture and shape. Inspired from this concept, idea of Mamagoto restro is to give their customers a fun Asian eating experience on the table.

Talking about the ambiance, its a lovely cosy setup which has seating arrangements for all. This place is known for its love towards art which you will notice in their ambiance, which is a depiction of eclectic portrayal. Here in cyber hub, they have both indoor and outdoor comfortable seating. They can definitely work on lights system as seems lil dull to me.


I have been here with my Hubby on a friday eve to enjoy after-office hours. We were immediately attended by a server who assisted us with the menu options and help us understand it , by explaining the ingredients. This was very impressive on part of their service and we quickly placed our order.

We kicked off  with starters quoted next along with our drinks, Watermelon Beach (4/5)-drink of mint, lime, watermelon, sugar, soda and sprite. It was next similar to Kiwi Mint collins (4/4). I loved their Passion fruit & orange cooler (5/5) –which was very refreshing and tasted wow.

  1. Vegetable basil cups which were minced veg, basil and thai herbs served in lettuce cups. Tasted nice with their classic sauces.
  2. Hot & sour pepper soup (Veg) (5/5), which was Mamagoto classic,as its their slight diff version in taste from tradition hot and sour soup, the very small slices of soft paneer in soup was nice and unique.
  3. Street style Dumpling – well cooked and full of veggies.
  4. Old school Gyoza-veg (5/5)- they were good in taste and lot similar to normal dumplings, just lil pan fried.
  5. Fried goat cheese taco  (3.5/5)– It tasted really well but i could nt like it much because of its smell. Goat cheese smell is obvious and liked by many, so it my personal opinion.
  6. Thai Puchka (4/5) – It tasted really good but had strong Ginger sauce traces at end, which can be improved.
  7. Crispy Lotus stem (5/5) – Cripsy and well salted. Tasted good.


I really liked the starter and soup, which brought up my expectations from the main course, in which we had Hakka noodles (veg) meal, which was medium spicy and one of their signature dishes. The quantity of same was good enough for one as i am noodle fan and quality of noodles was perfect. It Spicyness being on higher side added much more taste to it.

Then came Dessert time. Since i have a sweet tooth, i tried so many things here like :

1) Mamagoto Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake with toffee sauce served hot with vanilla ice-cream(3/5) . It was tasty no doubt but extra caramelised sweet, so taste differs for all.

2) Panookie (5/5)- Its a mamgoto signature choco-chip pan cookie served with ice-cream. Its crust is crispy and mouth watering. Winner dish for tonite for me.

3)coconut caramel custard (4/5) – this was served with grilled banana & macaroon dust. was delicious and quantity was good.


Overall I liked the experience here. They successfully followed their moto of ‘to play with food’. Will definitely visit again 🙂

Follow for more such scrumptious and delicious reviews !! Take care

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Homemade festive delights with easydiner | Recipes for sweet tooth

Homemade festive delights presented by Nestle Milkmaid & Nestle Grekyo
Festival season is round the clock and we all enjoy eating delightful desserts. So its a call out to all lovely people reading my blog now, here i am with my last event coverage, which happened at Indigo Delicatessen, cyber hub in collaboration with Easydiner last week. We had a fun-filled sweet sweet day as we learned so many dessert recipes from chef Rahul, using Nestle Grekyo Yogurt & milkmaid.
Event was inaugurated by Nestle Product/brand manager , where he described about Nestle and its products, specifically he shared more about Greek yogurt which was VIP guest of tonite.

Do you know Grekyo yogurt of nestle is prepared using different bacteria with milk powder. Shocked to hear it. Read more to know recipes made out of it !!

Chef Rahul, took over from him and started sharing his secret recipes.

Let me provide you a short overview of the event:
1) Condensed milk cup cake
It was yummlicious cupcake i ever had. Soft and moist from inside decorated with a swirl of delicious buttercream frosting. and butterscotch crunches.
  • Butter  85gm (room temperature & softened)
  • 250gm Nestle condensed milk
  • 1Egg
  • 1tpsn or 5gm baking powder
  • 125gm of Refined flour
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla extract
Ready In : 30mins
Serves : 10 people
  • Preheat oven to 375f or 190c; line muffin cups with papers.
  • Cream butter till light and fluffy
  • Add Nestle condensed milk gradually and beat both now. Don’t add once else lumps will get created.
  • Add 1egg..if u want to avoid egg, you can add more condensed milk.If you want to add more eggs, do it one at a time.
  • Now add Refined flour (mixed with baking powder). Easily mix & churn so there are no lumps. Don’t move it fast,as it will become sleek
  • Now add Vanilla extract & Keep it aside for 5mins so texture is even.
  • Now fill it up in prepared cups. Don’t overflow, so just fill it up till 2/3 of cup.
  • Preheat it in Oven at 175 degree for 20mins.
Suggestion: Best part of this recipe is No machines required at home. Secondly in cupcakes..use less baking powder as you don’t require much fluffiness.
Icing: For icing your cupcakes, you can use chocolate ganache, as it gives both flavors of a chocolate and full of cream. Its 1/2 choc 1/2 cream. Sometimes prepared in Rum too, to give alcoholic flavor. Else decorate with a swirl of delicious buttercream frosting.
2. Baked yogurt
This recipe can be prepared using any flavored Nestle Grekyo yogurts in less than 15mins and Serves 5 people.This dessert is absolutely divine – just try it once and you will want to make it again and again. Best point here is, we don’t have to remember the chef maths, since all ingredients are used in equal proportions.Its perfect for parties as they can be made ahead of time.Here is how to make baked vanilla yogurt.
  • 200gm Caramelized Condensed milk ( Its a different ingredient prepared over 4.5hrs in a boiling pan, keep on stirring)
  • 1/2 cup or 200gm Fresh cream
  • 1/2 cup or 200 gm flavored grekyo yogurt
  • 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Take a bowl and add in half a cup each of Flavored Grekyo yogurt, heavy cream and condensed milk. In India, we do not get heavy whipping cream. We get only low fat cream and it works fine for this recipe.
  • Now we need to add 1/2 a teaspoon vanilla. We need real good quality vanilla extract for this recipe. Please do not use imitation vanilla.
  • Mix everything well until smooth.
  • Pour it in cups or vodka shot glasses and bake in a 160° Celsius oven for 13-14 minutes. No need to preheat the oven for this recipe.
  • After 15 minutes, the middle of the cup should be jiggly. If its still liquid, bake for a couple of minutes more. Do not let it cook for long else it will become hard. Remove from the oven and allow it to cool.

Suggestion: Secret of this recipe is to place the glasses in “Water Bath”, which means hot boiled water.

3. Fruit yoghurt salad
Its just like a fresh fruit salad but yes with a twist. Definitely its tangy and flavored with secret ingredient Yogurt. Do try it at your home and kids will fall in love with this healthy dessert. Its very simple to prepare and takes less time.
  • Fresh fruits
  • 1 nimbu
  • 1tbsp jaggery
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon powder
  • 1tbsp honey
  • flavored Grekyo Yogurt
  • Cut the fruits & peel off properly . Place them in a mixing bowl.
  • Stir them & toss until combined
  • Now add jaggery  to mixture so it absorbs extra moisture and helps product to be fresh for long .It also adds to texture.
  • Now sprinkle lemon juice to add tanginess. mix well
  • Add cinnamon powder and honey to balance the texture
  • You can also add Granola for crunchiness.
  • Spoon the fruit into serving bowls and top with the Nestle grekyo yogurt


Follow for more such delightful recipes!!

Raasta..leading way to food apex @cyber hub

Good Food is my life’s soul and am sure it’s the same for all other foodies reading my blog. I love spending my weekends with friends @ some peaceful place serving delictable food to satiate my hunger. Last weekend we came across one such place, RAASTA, placed at 2nd floor in Cyber hub.

I visited the restaurant with my friends for lunch and it was almost full. The manager gave us the outdoor seating which felt really-warm in winters Sun enjoying on comfortable wooden bamboo chairs. Even the inside ambience is raw with stone walls decorated in quirky and rustic art like cage boxes with heavy chins flowing down carrying different artforms. The menu reflects a fusion of a wide range of cultures and heritages, and many ethnicities that landed on Caribbean shores for the past centuries.

We kicked off our day with signature drinks like Raasta Special (4/5) – mix of strawberry juice, coke, soda &orange juice. It was tangy and quite refreshing. Others we tried were Peach Ice tea(5/5), which again tasted really good and was an icing on the cake. In Cocktails we tried Sangria(5/5) & Mojito (5/5)– which again tasted wow.


Next we turned to something healthy and ordered Salads. Salad Caprese (4/5)– it was a mix of veggies like Mushroom/cabbage/bell peppers, served hot and garnished with cheddar cheese. Alon with it we tried our hand on Spanish town chowder Veg (5/5) soup, which was thick and full of veggies. Served with crunchy big crumbs & tasted wow.


In Veg, we tried various starters like Reggae reggae Nachoos (10/5) – sorry for wrong marking but have no words for this inhouse preparation. It was scrumptious and lip smacking served with most delicious Salsa sauce I ever had. Jalapeno cheese cigar Rolls(4/5):  It was crispy outside and soft veggies inside, served hot with white sauce. In Paneer dish we tasted, Tandoor roasted cottage cheese(4/5) which was again full of aroma & well flavoured with spices. It was very tender cottage cheese and tasted yummylicious.

In non veg we tried, Fish fingers (5/5),which were tender from inside and crunchy from outside. Served with Mayonnaise and side salads. It tasted so delicious that my veggie friend ate it full thinking its veg rolls 😊.Next we had Rasta chicken poppers(5/5) which is a part of their freshly launched menu. They were crispy balls flooded with flavoured well cooked chicken inside. Smokey hot chicken tikka (5/5) -Well cooked & tender. Served with yellow rice and peanuts. Prawns (3.5/5) – they very lil hard to chew and can be made softer. Fried Calamari Rings(5/5): tasted scrumptious, served with harissa sauce  . Hummus Pita with Roasted Garlic lamb (5/5)– as expected well flavoured with spices and garlic, tender lamb and lip smacking dish.


Winner dish for me tonight was Potato wedges(10/5), which were well fried and crunchy outside, served with Mayonnaise. Again a reason for wrong marking as my scale goes waste in front of such dishes. Next we tasted their Half&Half Pizza styles and placed order for Paneer paprika & garden pizza. Pics shows it all. Very tasty

In Main course we had non veg Jambalaya (5/5)-it was rice fried in Caribbean spices and a meal in itself. Red & Green thai curry (4/5)- served with steamed rice. Last but not the least , in desserts, we tried Sticky Toffee Pudding (4/5) & Raasta special brownie with vanilla icecream. Loved them as they satiate my sweet tooth.

Service was really quick and servers were acquiescent, having full knowledge about dishes they served. Highly recommend this place to all food lovers.

You can find it on zomato at :

Raasta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

United Coffee House Rewind..relish the old days @ cyber hub

Hello friends, i am back with the food review of United Coffee House Rewind which takes a topical turn to the its heritage legacy restaurant in CP. So no more heading to CP or DLF Mall of India for UCH as its opened in cyber hub as UCH’s hip new bistro called Rewind.

Rewind will be a fresh take on UCH, which will offer you a wide variety of 300 + salads, soups, smoothies, different delicacies and desserts. It is said so, because it will have UCH signature dishes along with new menu to set the new niche for serving the people for generations by giving them an unforgettable fine dine experience.

Rewind is located at 1st floor in cyber hub & its ambience has a retro look with exquisite decor and photographs hanging around, comfortable seating and spacious enough to accommodate 50 pax .Classical twist with music of 70s-80s hitting the right chords adds to the scrumptious food & lovely evenings.

Coming to the tasting session, here are the dishes and the cocktails I tried

Jamunrita -A Flash Frozen black jamun extract spiked with red chilli ,foggy clove smoke is chilled refreshing and tangy to its name.Its served in a filter glass within a huge glass bowl filled with liquid nitro, emitting smoke/flumes adds to it presentation while making it look more tempting.Its truly an amazing drink and a must try from the menu.

Sitara Phool: Another refreshing drink served with the appetizers was made up of burnt star Anise flavoured with rose, tamarind water, topped with soda crushed ice.

In snacks we tried, Chinjabi Veg platter which had delicious crispy chilli potato, asian paneer skewer,spring rolls, paneer tikka & kumbh ke soole. It was served with pita breads and flavored sauces. For veggies its a must try. Next we tried Veg Mezze which was snap-pea falafel , spinach & cheese samousek. It was okayish in flavor but can be improved.

Next was Mathur Chicken Chaat which is part of their Salads menu and was delicious. It had grilled chicken with tangy seasoning of chilies, coriander, onion & tomatoes. The best snack which is unforgettable is “Daryaganj Giant Samosa”, a large samosa with crispy layer relished inside with dry fruits and tamarind.

Chinjabi Non veg Platter
changezi murgh
Paneer Do payza
Mathur Chicken Chaat


Veg Mezze
Chinjabi Non veg Platter
changezi murgh
Paneer Do payza
Mathur Chicken Chaat


In Main course, we tried both veg/non-veg delicacies like changezi murgh, paneer do pyaza & lahori meat served with assorted indian breads.Food was scrumptious and authentic to its flavor. Lot tempting to refrain 😛

In Desserts we tried their, Atomic Kalajamun with vanilla ice-cream & Bromley Apple Pie.

To end this wonderful food journey we had their Bombay Cutting Chai, authentic to its name & presentation. Signature cona coffee served with cute little cookies. Strong and awakening coffee made with dense cream and milk left its taste on the palette for quite long.

Find it on Zomato:

United Coffee House Rewind Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Final Verdict:

  • Ambience: 4.5 /5
  • Menu : 4/5
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Food quality: 5/5

Will definitely refer it to my friends and plan again to visit it 🙂

Pier 38…Best place to enjoy nightlife !!

Pier 38, the Bar & Kitchen is recently opened in DLF cyber hub @ 1st floor. Pier 38 as the name signifies the Piers that have been traditionally used for Trade between India and various other countries, Persia being a prime partner. This place serves some delectable Persian, Arabian, Lebanese and North Indian cuisines with Signature cocktails in town.

The bar features a rustic décor with soothing brown feel, warm gold lighting and very comfortable seating with myriad options such as lounge, sofa, bar, high chairs, etc. The influence of an actual Pier (Dock) can actually be seen in the interiors. Music is an essential part of the aura of every pub, and here at Pier 38, to compliment the warm interiors, major focus is on Sufi and coke studio style of music. The nightlife here is amazing.

The menu is quite diverse for both veg and non veg. They serve delicacies like Salads, Pita Pockets, Mezze Platters with delicious Hummus & pita, Persian bbq dishes, Turkish Pides (pizzas), Indian Starters & Arabic Main Course.

I visited here for a Saturday brunch with my family. We started with the Veg Mezze platters. It was a 3 layer presentation with falafel tikki, cheese Sambousek (shape of samosa), & potato kibbeh (shaped into oval balls) on the top, served with hummus, tzatziki & muhammara dips on the second, followed with Pita bread. All the servings were lip smacking, crunchy & well cooked with each flavor standing out. The hummus was very tasty and made us binge on it. After finishing it we had Palak Patta Chaat which was beautifully served,tasted crisp & delicious. It is highly recommended. Then we had Batata Harra, which was delicious square oven potato coated with spices, one f the best appetizer from the Lebanese cuisine.


Next one was something we visited here to taste, “Pide” (pronounced pea-day). Get more over Pizza’s and be here to try Turkish pizza peynirli, that are baked in a stove or wood ovens and have veggie fillings (onion, tomato, spinach, mushrooms) with mozzarella cheese. Its shape resembles a ship, so significant to this place. I personally liked it. Well cooked & crunchy.

Along with the food, we tried few of their Signature cocktails, Tequila Coffee which was warm coffee best for winters, & Mary 38 the classic Bloody mary with fresh tomato juice.

Along with cocktails, we had best of the mocktails too. Italian smooch which is summer special exotic cooler drink, Spicy guava having perfect spiciness with guava flavor, Lemongrass IceTea & Pier 38 fruit punch.


In the main course, We tried Chelo kebab with Saffron rice & sideways salad. Veg Kafta which was again served with same rice tasted tangy and well flavoured from inside.I personally liked it. Again next was Paneer Bademjan, which was curry paneer skewers. Nothing was a miss and tasted yummy. Everything was nicely presented & was delectable.

Desserts: Bringing our culinary extravaganza to an end, there were Nutella Cigar Rolls , which were quite different and full of chocolate. Since I have a sweet tooth, I just loved them. Baghlava with Dates ice-cream, had same tradition & authentic flavor, tasted awesome.

Portions: (4/5) They provide good quantity portions, so you don’t have to worry for it. Each item ordered can serve 2. Presentation: (4/5): Food was nicely presented with all fresh leaves and icings. Service: (4/5) Service was really good and servers even knew a lot about the dish.

Prices:  INR 1200 for two {approx.}


What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster.

Find it below:

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