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Pregnancy is a journey…!!

Maternity is a life changing experience, which every woman desires to go through. Read a thought somewhere, “Pregnancy is a journey, not a destination”. It’s the most drastic & transitional part of life, where a newbie mom needs extra care, support and warmth. Becoming a mother is not only giving birth to a child but is also new birth for herself. Me being a first-time mom, have experienced lot of new changes.

In my today’s blog, will share few tips to find best Nursing products for mother to support her health and also feed the baby well. Most essential here is Maternity lingerie.

The first and foremost thing about Breastfeeding is, it’s the most essential and best food for new-born. To support good lactation, we need to keep the mother healthy which involve using fitted Nursing Bra for your breast to give them comfort. While breastfeeding your baby, it’s essential and foremost to wear the best nursing bra possible to ease the painfully engorged and support you over the night feedings.

I researched a lot about Nursing lingerie brands and found MorphMaternity to own this best. Morph has been designing maternity & nursing wear for mothers for 10 years and is the most loved & trusted brand in India. It includes other products such as Maternity dresses,Maternity Kurti, Nursing gowns,Nursing pillow etc.





                                       Pic courtesy : MorphMaternity

I visited their website and found the best feeding bra for myself. They have large variety of colors and sizes to cover all essentials. One of their products which I am about to review today here is Leakproof bra. This is an innovative product made of leakproof fabric that is soft, comfy and hygienic and helps us to be embarrassment free. This is an Ideal for a pregnant woman who want soft support feeding bra that stretches without causing discomfort. Breathable, easy to wear and maintain.

Morph has a wide range of maternity panties online in India. The range of pregnancy panties are super soft and made of stretchable fabric that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and quick dry. These pregnancy panties come in a wide range of colours and styles. These maternity hygiene panties comes with a special “Health Strip” patch that protects you from bacteria and fungi. Will discuss them in Detail in my next blog, so do subscribe to my blog so you can get latest updates in your email directly.

Pros of Maternity lingerie:

  • 100% cotton
  • Hand Wash / Machine Wash In Normal Cycle
  • Breathable, Soft and Comfortable Cotton
  • Designed To Fit The Growing Belly.
  • Comes in various colors
  • Panties Prevents UTI Infections
  • free of underwires for extra comfort
  • Adjustable Shoulder strap


My review about this brand is very satisfying, Being 1st time mother, i am very careful with everything i use. So yes go ahead and order it. You can visit their website www.morphmaternity.com and avail 15% instant discount using code (VERO15) on your 1st purchase.

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