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PappaRoti’s bun are selling like hot cakes!!

Cyber Hub is back in trends with lots of new eatery junctions and new lights,music . Love for food can make you travel to far off busy places,just the same happened with me last weekend. I travelled for this peculiar place from Noida, as heard a lot about its signature Buns. With their 18 outlets allover the world ,Papparoti is now bringing their signature buns to India. After Hyderabad, they have recently opened up in Cyber Hub.

Ambience is very lively here with darkwood chairs & sofa seating. Service is very prompt and you will be attended at utmost importance. Servers will ensure you are given full support. They always guide you with what to order. I was too suggested for their Signature Buns. In first serve look, its seems as a regular, brown bun…but when you have its 1st bite, you can feel the most soft, relishing tasty bread, filled inside with a coffee caramel topping.

About the Brand:

In 2003,Malaysia  was the first to be introduced with unique concept of Pappa Roti. It  literally means Father of Breads (Buns here)  & is owned by a woman who is the master franchiser for Middle East. The brand specializes in  unique mouth watering coffee coated butter bun served alongside  with variety of beverages. It has 18 outlets worldwide and now its recently opened in India,Delhi. Its dubai branch is my all time fav.


About Buns:

Here the Buns are served with  coffee to enhance their taste, but even served alone they are whole. With its first bite only, you can feel the delicious aroma and taste of tangy coffee caramel. It’s a soft bun with outer coffee crust prepared with coffee icing and the stuffed butter inside the bun. Coffee icing is piped on top of the bun while baking that melts and get baked and form a thick crust on top. Its said to be a south african origin food.

I visited this place with my friends for evening high tea and snacks. Tried almost their signature dishes and must say its an amazing place to visit. Along with the soft fluffy buns, they also serve aromatic teas in 9 flavors and many other beverages like Ice tea, cold coffees. And the pics says it all.

The brand has witnessed  different expressions with one bite of the bun , so brand has new tagline , “One Bite Different Expressions”.


I had Peach & Mango Icetea, which was yumm. It had full flavors of peach and mango balanced well. Along with it i called for their Signature Bun, with no flavors. Definitely one bite of it was enough to taste their secret.Here you can have many add on flavors to give your bun a twist. Like Honey, Dark chocolate, Strawberry, etc.

Next we had was Maggi Goreng, which was yummiest. 2 eggs poached on special masala style maggi.  After it we tried our hand on South African Flavored origined High tea, in Jasmine Pearl essense. Must say its a worth try and new wine for me !  In snacks we tried Double Chow (veg) – which was bombay styled pao bhaji. Big bread piece pierced in mid and full of bhaji, served along with potato chips. Tasted delicious. Nest we tried small Nonveg pizza, which was crispy and tasty. Corn chaat was cold and served authentic to its flavor.

Last but not the least,we gave a shot at their most USP bun, Nutella with crushed oreo & almonds. Made my day as it was perfect for person with sweettooth like me !


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Classroom…childhood memories cafe !!

Classroom, is recently opened in Sector 29, Gurgaon. As the name suggests its based on a school classroom theme. It has 3-4 floors and each of them is focused to show something different related to School. In the entry they have given Basketball setup outside with Classroom emblem also pictured on its glass walls. A notice board is set up to show imp notes.

Interiors are warm & give you a throwback of school memories. Basement is set up like a classroom with benches, full periodic table set up at the bar section. Other floors have graffiti of school kids carrying the bags, Flames set to Love between every relation, old school taglines. You have a canteen set up made here names “Ramu kaka ki canteen”. Last but not the least, even in washrooms they have set like schools. Some or the other taglines written on the doors. Everything is done in a very unique and perfect way to give us a memorable time spending here. Lights are neither too dark, as we see in other pubs. Also they have given a play arena, where Pool table /Fuss ball and other things are set up. Just loved this place.


The menu (5/5) is quite diverse for both veg and non veg. They have given menu some very unique names like snack page is named as “Picnic Munches”, then next you have is First Break items, then Lunch break items and so on….They serve pan Asian delicacies like North Indian, Italian, Parsi. They have given very Hatt-Ke names to their dishes also, which is very impressive & suits the theme of the restaurant. Like few drink names are “Assembly”, “May I come in Madam” etc.

I visited here for a Wednesday dinner with friends. We started with the veg cheesy kebabs which were crunchy in every bite to binge on it. Next we ordered Paneer 65, which tasted commendable. Too scrumptious to resist.For Non veg the staff suggested we should try their signature dishes like, “CMC“, which is the classroom Maska chicken & Marghi-na-Farcha (Parsi Delicacy). The chicken was well roasted with each flavor standing out & very soft to even melt in mouth. Both are a must try. Not to forget the chutneys were awesome. We asked our server to fill the dips so many times 😛 All the servings were lip smacking .

Along with the food, we tried few of their Signature cocktails / Mocktails (5/5),

  • Sweet like you: Delicious strawberry milk with guava juice. Perfectly done.
  • Couple Chemistry: Vodka and green apple. The amalgamation of both is commendable
  • Assembly: I loved this mocktail. It had carribean cream with cranberry & pineapple flavor.
  • May I come in Please: It was infusion of Sambuca with vodka & guava juice. Finished with Hazelnut foam. Highly recommendable.

We are so full, that no chance to try anything else. But yes nothing was a miss and tasted yummy. Everything was nicely presented & was delectable.  We will definitely visit again for trying rest of their menu items.


Portions: (5/5) They provide good quantity portions, so you don’t have to worry for it. Each item ordered can serve 2. Presentation: (4/5): Food was nicely presented with all fresh dips. Service: (5/5) Service was really good and servers even knew a lot about the dish. They were even suggesting us to choose dishes as per our requirements.

Prices:  INR 1200 for two {approx.}

 What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster.

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Pier 38…Best place to enjoy nightlife !!

Pier 38, the Bar & Kitchen is recently opened in DLF cyber hub @ 1st floor. Pier 38 as the name signifies the Piers that have been traditionally used for Trade between India and various other countries, Persia being a prime partner. This place serves some delectable Persian, Arabian, Lebanese and North Indian cuisines with Signature cocktails in town.

The bar features a rustic décor with soothing brown feel, warm gold lighting and very comfortable seating with myriad options such as lounge, sofa, bar, high chairs, etc. The influence of an actual Pier (Dock) can actually be seen in the interiors. Music is an essential part of the aura of every pub, and here at Pier 38, to compliment the warm interiors, major focus is on Sufi and coke studio style of music. The nightlife here is amazing.

The menu is quite diverse for both veg and non veg. They serve delicacies like Salads, Pita Pockets, Mezze Platters with delicious Hummus & pita, Persian bbq dishes, Turkish Pides (pizzas), Indian Starters & Arabic Main Course.

I visited here for a Saturday brunch with my family. We started with the Veg Mezze platters. It was a 3 layer presentation with falafel tikki, cheese Sambousek (shape of samosa), & potato kibbeh (shaped into oval balls) on the top, served with hummus, tzatziki & muhammara dips on the second, followed with Pita bread. All the servings were lip smacking, crunchy & well cooked with each flavor standing out. The hummus was very tasty and made us binge on it. After finishing it we had Palak Patta Chaat which was beautifully served,tasted crisp & delicious. It is highly recommended. Then we had Batata Harra, which was delicious square oven potato coated with spices, one f the best appetizer from the Lebanese cuisine.


Next one was something we visited here to taste, “Pide” (pronounced pea-day). Get more over Pizza’s and be here to try Turkish pizza peynirli, that are baked in a stove or wood ovens and have veggie fillings (onion, tomato, spinach, mushrooms) with mozzarella cheese. Its shape resembles a ship, so significant to this place. I personally liked it. Well cooked & crunchy.

Along with the food, we tried few of their Signature cocktails, Tequila Coffee which was warm coffee best for winters, & Mary 38 the classic Bloody mary with fresh tomato juice.

Along with cocktails, we had best of the mocktails too. Italian smooch which is summer special exotic cooler drink, Spicy guava having perfect spiciness with guava flavor, Lemongrass IceTea & Pier 38 fruit punch.


In the main course, We tried Chelo kebab with Saffron rice & sideways salad. Veg Kafta which was again served with same rice tasted tangy and well flavoured from inside.I personally liked it. Again next was Paneer Bademjan, which was curry paneer skewers. Nothing was a miss and tasted yummy. Everything was nicely presented & was delectable.

Desserts: Bringing our culinary extravaganza to an end, there were Nutella Cigar Rolls , which were quite different and full of chocolate. Since I have a sweet tooth, I just loved them. Baghlava with Dates ice-cream, had same tradition & authentic flavor, tasted awesome.

Portions: (4/5) They provide good quantity portions, so you don’t have to worry for it. Each item ordered can serve 2. Presentation: (4/5): Food was nicely presented with all fresh leaves and icings. Service: (4/5) Service was really good and servers even knew a lot about the dish.

Prices:  INR 1200 for two {approx.}


What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster.

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