OBIEE 11g – Export/Print to PDF Does Not Include All Rows

We face this issue about export/print of an analysis to pdf format in OBIEE 11g, where it dos not export all rows. But if you export to an Excel or HTML, it exports all the rows without any issue. 
This issue has nothing to do with the number of rows but the file size which is mentioned in Config File and is limited to 8MB by default.
Need to change the size limit in one of the configuration files. Follow the below steps to achieve it.

1. Navigate to \instances\instance1\config\OracleBIJavaHostComponent\coreapplication_obijh1\
2. Open config.xml file in an editor and search for  the below lines

        3. The default size is 8 MB (1024*8 = 8192), you can increase to the size you want. If you want to set unlimited, then replace 8192 with 0 (zero) but it’s not recommended.
4. Restart BI Services.
For example: you can increased file size to 16 MB like in instance, 



Enjoy till next time 🙂

Adding Mouse hover text on column Rows/data in OBIEE 11g

Creating a report that contains HTML links or mouse hover is quite easy now. You can even “parameterize” the HTML link to include values from other columns on a row by row basis. For example, if you have a product column, and wish to create a column containing a URL which will redirect the user to a Google search using the Product  value as the keyword, here are the steps to implement it in OBI report :
1.     Create a report, and add any column
2.     Choose the Edit Formula for that column
3.     Enter in HTML using OBIEE syntax, such as this in formula area:
a)   to add hyper link:
‘<a target=”_blank”
href=”’ || Products.Name || ‘&btnG=Google+Search”>’ || ‘’
b) to add mouseover :
4.     The single quotes signify a string
5.     The pipes || (in hyperlink) act a string operator to concatenate HTML with an actual OBIEE column.
6.     NOTE: we’ve added the target =”_blank” tag to open the URL in a new browser window
7.     NOTE: if the column values contain spaces, you may need to enclose the column in a REPLACE function to replace spaces with %20, which represents a space in a URL.
8.    NOTE: In mouseover HTML text,  you can place the mouseover text in quotes and then mention the column name.
9.     Once you are finished editing the formula click OK and then go to the
   Column Properties -> Data Format tab. Override the       Default Data Format and select Treat Text As : HTML