OBIEE : Go Nav/ Go URL structure

The Go URL or Go nav is functionality of OBIEE, where summary reports  navigate to detail reports passing filters/options.

For example:

1) Basic structure:


2) To pass username and Password

http:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &NQUser=&NQPassword=

 3) To include Report links

Actual way to include the report links in drill/detail reports is to mention “&Options=x” in  GO URL path. The x can be one or more of the following letters:

  • m = Modify Request
  • f = Printer Friendly
  • d = Download to Excel
  • r = Refresh Results

 Like:  http:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &Options=md


http:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &Options=mfdr

4)  Printer Friendly. Results are in a printer-friendly format, without the paging controls, hot links, and so on.This is the format, “&Action=print” to be added in GO URL path

Like: ttp:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &Action=Print

5) Specific View. If your Detail report has more than 1 view of results (like Pivot/Chart/Bar graph etc) . This option shows an individual result view rather than the default compound view.
This is the format, where A is the name of the view:

http:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &ViewName=A

 6) To pass report filters:

Sometimes we get requirement in OBIEE summary report to drill to detail report passing few column filters, like: here we are passing 2 column values as filter in detail report. P0 defines the number of parameter passed including the type (equal/ >=  etc.)

http:///analytics/saw.dll?Go&path= &Action=Navigate&P0=5&P1=eq&P2=&P3=&P4=&P5=

Note: Remove symbols. I have used them to highlight.